30 lessons I learned from fighting

Throughout my career in fighting I was surrounded by infinite amounts of knowledge and experience, surrounded by champions and top performers. Over the years, I wrote down what I noticed they were doing. Below is a list of 30 lessons I learned that is still applicable today, regardless of the space.


  1. Surround yourself with people better than you. This will show if you’re being honest or complacent.
  2. Have feedback loops. We need to know if what we do has an effect and what effect.
  3. Either run practice or come prepared with ideas of what they want to work on.
  4. Take their health into their own hands or seek professional help.
  5. Hold themselves accountable, for everything. Practice, learning, punctuality.
  6. Aren’t emotional during performance, or practice. Because practice is where you build your habits. Practice positivity and helping teammates. “Emotion low, intensity high.”
  7. Always learning. Always have a desire to learn. Dedicate as much time to learning as possible.
  8. Maintain focus inside and outside the gym.
  9. Don’t take breaks in between rounds when in fight camp. Especially open mat. They push through. Overcoming hardship leads to championship.
  10. Have the attitudes of winning and creating habits of winning.
  11. Write notes for learning.
  12. Do not relish in your accomplishments. Accomplishments are lessons and stepping stones to your big picture goal.
  13. You’re never too good to show up early and drill something on your own.
  14. Whatever you’re pursing, it comes first. Always. If you want to be the best, it’s always first.
  15. Champions are well aware of what they can get away with. Sometimes being lazy, sometimes cheating on a meal, etc. but what makes them great is that regardless of whether or not they can slack, they stick to what is right and needs to be done and see the job through with dedication because they know every inch counts.
  16. Consistency is key.
  17. Are GAME.
  18. Competitive drive.
  19. Very self disciplined.
  20. Always fulfill their promises. Always do what they say they’ll do.
  21. “A true champion can adapt to anything.” — Floyd Mayweather
  22. To want to be a champion you will always have more to lose than your opponent. High stakes. Champions expect this and are ready for it.
  23. Never too good for anything. Another practice, another drilling session, stretching, etc.
  24. “Always bet on themselves.” — Ben Askren
  25. Take advantage of the practice time. They don’t sit down and take breaks because they waited all day for that hour or two to train. They don’t take breaks because they simply aren’t done yet.
  26. Lead by example by being the hardest worker in the room, the positive attitude, asking questions, helping teammates.
  27. Listen to the coaches.
  28. Don’t relish on good OR bad performances. Don’t listen to the critics who say they’re in a slump or on a streak.
  29. Want to be 1st not only in competition but all areas: 1st to practice, 1st to most _, 1st to hold a number of titles, etc.
  30. Anytime they make a mistake, you make them pay for it.



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