Brushing your teeth. A lesson in consistency from a homeless man.

  • Rewards — carrot at the end of the stick.
  • Punishment — swear jar.
  • Journaling — writing in a journal will make conscious of your actions, helping you to observe or notice.
  • Tracking — I’ve wanted to wake up at 5:30AM every day for a while now and found this to be extremely helpful. I keep a post-it note on my nightstand that has 1 line drawn down the middle, left side says ‘No Snooze’ and the right side says ‘Snooze’, every morning I have this visual representation of my progress.
  • Pairing/in-tandem — I have a friend who wanted to achieve the goal of waking up at 5:30AM every day with me but neither of the above methods worked, so she started pairing her 5:30AM wake up time with her work assignments. The night before, she would have a designated cut-off time and then leave the work to be done the next morning, the same time she wanted to get in the habit of being up. Not only did she start to develop her habit but also became more productive! Want to start walking regularly every day? Get in the habit of walking after every meal, now you’ve paired a desired habit with an existing habit, eating.



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