What do you get out of meditating?

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

The incredible thing about meditation is its ability to explore and unlock who you are. Meditation makes you observant. It isn’t something that only works for some people, it works for everyone, it applies to everyone much like a mirror, showing you, revealing to you, who you are.

Meditation provides a reflection into your past but with a different lens than if you were to recite a memory. Instead of a memory, where you exist under the skin of your own body and inside the projection of a 1st person perspective, meditation allows you to observe the moment and your being from a 3rd person perspective. You observe your actions, allowing you to choose how you interpret who you were in that moment, and what to do with that observation.

If our brain is constantly making predictions based on the body and the world, then wouldn’t it benefit us to reflect not only on the effect we made, but the cause as well?

Meditation changes those who decide to act on the information they’ve received.



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